Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potty Training....Do I have to?

Emily comes running down the hall declaring,
"Mom, I'm really poopy" and when she reaches me, again she says "I'm really poopy bad."

Do you think it's time to start potty training? I was so happy to be done with potty training for the 5th and last time, little did I know. This is just ONE of those exciting milestones you are glad to be done with when you have a house FULL of toddlers. So this 6th time around I haven't been pushing the whole potty training thing much. Emily has had her potty chair in the bathroom for about a year. Sometimes she wants to sit and try but I never suggest it. Now she can get herself on and off of the big toilet and prefers that to the potty chair. However, she is rather intermittant in her desire to go potty in the toilet. And her success once there, is even less than intermittant.

But now that she announces her need for a diaper change...

Ugh....I think we will use up the rest of the diapers we have, from a Costco sized box(this buys me a little more time), and move to pull-ups and see what happens...

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