Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feeding the birds....

We drove to Bremerton, Washington yesterday and took the ferry back over to downtown Seattle. I grew up taking the ferries around the Puget Sound to go and visit grandparents. There was a period of time when the floating bridge was blown out and we had no other choice but to take a ferry to get to grandpa's house. I remember many, many occasions of sitting in the car line-up waiting for the ferry to arrive. Delays in ferry arrival was a common thing.

Riding the ferry is a fun treat for my kids! It is fun to see their excitement too. One of the traditions with Papa Jack is to feed the seagulls while on the trip across the Puget Sound. It was very windy yesterday but everyone was out feeding the birds anyway. Carson had a blast feeding the birds and even kept a count of how many times he was able to feed them. The last count that I heard was 68.

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2busy said...

Were you feeding them cheetos?