Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday Jonny!

Jonny turned 14 this last Sunday. I can't believe how time just flies by! He is a good boy who is taller than me, his mother, and almost as tall as his father. He is working on his next Scout rank of Life and trying to conquer the 7th grade! He has always loved building with Legos since he was a toddler with the Duplo blocks. He gets Legos for every birthday and Christmas. He had put specific things on his Wish List and he was happy with all he recieved! One word, SPOILED!The kids can request their dinner and cake on their birthdays. The newest craze at our house is the ice cream cake. My sister makes a three layered ice cream cake with Oreos as the crust and the filling between the layers of ice cream. The ice cream flavors she usually uses are chocoloate, mint choc. chip, and oreo cookie. I tried decorating the top with my regular frosting and it froze and fell off. So the only frills on this cake was the traditional Happy 14th Birthday Jonny!


Angie said...

Awe! Happy BDAY Jonny! Can I have some of that cake? YUm!

Merrells said...

14?! WOW! Happy birthday bud, I can't believe you're that old! See you soon (hopefully).

Mother Goose said...

happy birthday, that looks yummy!